Shinemon Mug Cup Shinsha B 辰砂

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Cinnabar (Shinsha) is the beautiful red which is obtained by adding copper into the glaze and reducing the firing. The subtle variation in colors is caused not only by the type of kiln and glaze mixture, but also by the climate. It can't exist two products exactly the same.

Dimension: W11.5XD9.1XH10.7cm
*The nuances and the photographs may differ because everything just came out from the kiln

Mr. Kusuo Baba from Shinemon Kiln is a ceramic artisan representative in Japan for yohen echnique. He tells us that in yohen technique, ingredients added into clay and glaze develop a chemical eaction during firing. This phenomenon creates a peculiar color and crystallization. This natural beauty can be also compared also to the mystery of the universe.
Shinemon Kiln, won in 2012 a special prize at Japanese Art Exhibition (Fine Arts Exhibition), arts and crafts division, which is the greatest art exhibition in Japan. This was a brilliant achievement, because it is considered to be the prize which offers the greatest authority and honor in ceramic art world.