SENJU-HIMO Red 千寿紐 赤

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Item code: SV01W_007

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This is a bracelet made by Kumihimo, a traditional Japanese manufacturing method, and it is made with more than 2000 silk strings. A concho on the bracelet is made by an old Japanese coin, and it can easily be removed and replaced. It will look even better if being used with the matching necklace. People like to wear two in different colors as well. The coin, pronounced as “Issen”, was used all over Japan around 1800, however it’s not being used anymore. The value was 1/100 JPY back then.

Wish: Better fortune
Meaning: Overcoming one’s weaknesses and invite good luck to life

Materials: Copper & Silk
Type: Round
Size: Width 10mm, Inner circumference 180mm