We launched The Kyushu Advantage website in April 2014 to get the word out about what a great place Kyushu is. Obviously, we plan to build up our content over time, but we’re kicking off by focusing on Kitakyushu on the northwestern tip of Kyushu.

A center for heavy industry since Japan industrialized in the early 1900s, Kitakyushu suffered from appalling pollution during Japan’s high-growth 1960s. The citizens, private sector and local authorities all banded together to defeat the problem, and by the 1980s Kitakyushu was reborn as a global leader in green technology.

Shabondama , one of the companies profiled in our business gallery, shares the same commitment to the environmental cause. The firm specializes in the production of additive-free, all-natural soap that’s equally kind to nature and to human skin. But thereby hangs a tale. The switch from producing synthetic soap in the 1970s almost brought Shabondama to its knees. You can read all about it here .

Eat, drink and be merry
Kyushu is famous throughout Asia for the quality of its food and drink. Kirishima Shuzo , a shochu distillery based in Miyazaki, has long produced some of Japan’s best-loved tipples. Now it’s getting serious about exporting its output.

Shochu is made from ingredients like potatoes, rice and barley, and agriculture remains a major part of Kyushu’s economy. Canycom , another of the firms profiled in our Business Gallery , is a specialist maker of equipment for the farming and construction sector with a difference.
Canycom is all about fun and style. If you ever wondered what a lawn mower inspired by a Formula One racing car would like, now’s your chance to find out!

Japan is famous for its level of personal service, and taxi-driver Daiichi Koutsu believes in going the extra mile. By offering everything from taxi drivers who do your food shopping to taxi drivers able to deliver your baby, the company has carved out a strong position in a fragmented and regulated market. It’s now turning its attention overseas, offering high-class medical and golf tourism packages to the Chinese market.

Of course, Kyushu is as much about pleasure as business. As part of The Kyushu ADVANTAGE, locally based Naoyuki Baba, former editor-in-chief of hot spring publication Onsen Hakase, will be providing the lowdown on the very best onsens, bars and restaurants that Kyushu has to offer on his KyushuDelights blog.

I hope you get to love Kyushu as much as I do.

Shingo Yoshino

To members of the press
We would like to introduce our business, food, lifestyle, culture, climate and traditional crafts themed on the craftsmanship of Kyushu to people around the world. The articles by our sophisticated writers and photographers contain many interesting and useful information to people around the world. We would appreciate it if you can introduce Kyushu through various media. And if you come to Kyushu for coverage, we will provide assistance. We look forward to working with you.
Thank you. I love Kyushu.

Contact: Shingo Yoshino
Producer and President, Zipangu Japan Co., Ltd.

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